MMA Betting

mma betting

MMA betting is a great way to earn money while you watch the action unfold. The sport has become one of the fastest growing in recent years, and if you’re a fan of the Octagon or want to place a bet on the next UFC match, there are several options for you.

The first and most popular way to bet on MMA is with a moneyline bet, which simply picks the winner of an upcoming fight. You can bet on either fighter to win by knockout, technical knockout, decision or submission (a submission is when a fighter taps out to a hold or move).

Betting on the total rounds of an MMA fight is another option for bettors. These numbers are set by oddsmakers and are based on the expected number of rounds that a fight will last before a winner is declared.

This is a tricky bet to make, however, as there are many factors that go into this calculation. Oftentimes, it’s easier to handicap a fight based on the fighters’ styles and the matchup between them. This can be a great way to make a winning bet, as two defensive fighters may be more likely to take over the fight and keep it going than an aggressive styled fighter.

Other factors that can affect an MMA fight include the fighters’ weight and their ability to cut and maintain weight. Some fighters have a harder time cutting and maintaining than others, which can make them more susceptible to injury or even dehydration.

Another thing to consider is a fighter’s experience level. While it’s tempting to bet on a big-name, popular favorite, it’s important to look at a fighter’s history and how they have performed in the past. Taking a closer look at their previous performance in the octagon can give you an edge when placing your bets.

In MMA, fighting styles are also important to handicappers. The stance a fighter takes is important, as some orthodox fighters can have an advantage against southpaw fighters because they don’t typically defend their stance.

A fighter’s style can make an MMA fight more exciting, and that’s a good thing for bettors. This is a sport that incorporates a variety of martial arts and combat sports, so it’s not surprising that fighters use moves from many different disciplines to win.

Depending on the size of a fight, it can also be difficult to handicap a fighter’s weight. Weigh-ins are scheduled the day before a fight and fighters can struggle to make weight on short notice. They may go through all sorts of tactics to get to the correct weight, including starving and dehydrating themselves before a weigh-in.

Some fighters also have trouble with their weight during training, which can make them less resilient when they hit the cage for a live event. This can have a negative effect on a fighter’s confidence, and that can be detrimental to a win.

MMA is a newer sport to bet on, and many oddsmakers are still figuring out how to best set their odds. This makes MMA betting more volatile than other sports like football, baseball and basketball.