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Latest News July 31, 2014: End of the COMPACT of Burkina Faso

Thursday, May 19, 2011. — 4pm, the Millennium Challenge Account-Burkina Faso Conference Room hosted a computer equipment handing over ceremony to 26 students surveyors. They are being trained at the École de formation et de perfectionnement des travaux publics (EFPTP) as part of the Rural Land Governance Land Project implementation. This project is aimed at contributing to a better land tenure security and promoting investment in rural areas. Through its Component 2 "Institutional Development and Capacity Building", the Project's mission, among others, is to strengthen the capacity of 26 surveyors who will support the General Directorate of Taxes (DGI) and specifically the Cadastre.

The ceremony was chaired by Mrs Alizeta Diallo, MCA-BF Deputy National Coordinator , Moussa Sawadogo, Director of the Cadastre and Mr. Jean Pierre Caboré, Managing Director of the Ecole de Formation et de Perfectionnement des Travaux Publics. In her address, Mrs. Diallo recalled that the Rural Land Governance Project intends to assist the Government of Burkina Faso in the creation of conditions which ensure secured and efficient access to land, but also and especially capacity building for some directorates such as the taxes and cadastre. The Director of Cadastre, for his part, emphasized that this activity will enable the General Directorate of Taxes to have regional offices of the Cadastre in the thirteen administrative regions. Following the individual presentations, the equipment was officially handed over to the beneficiaries; they received kits containing tools and technical educational materials, a laptop with technical software and a mass storage unit. In conclusion, the student surveyors delegate, Mr. Fabrice Toé thanked everybody who made this material donation and support possible; then on behalf of his classmates, he committed to regular attendance, work and success for the two years of training in order to staff the Cadastre with skilled and dynamic human resources providing quality service.

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